reflecting June 18, 2012

We can all go through life wondering about “if” or “what”. Does it really matter now as we stand on the threshold of the present? I wonder sometimes. There are days I believe that it is what it is, and not dwell on it, but there are days, like today I believe hmmm what if?

We all know we can’t change the past, and the past does belong in the past. Right? But, sometimes we reflect on what if I would of chosen that path, or acted upon my thoughts then; would I be where I am now? Well, that is a scary thought. We know we all have free will, but in the long run, it is God’s will not our own.

At the end of last week I was speaking with two great friends of mine. And they both were talking on several important topics that I hold close to my heart. Hence, my blog name is joanneshearts. It really made me reflect upon this throughout the weekend and still, come Monday, I am still reflecting! So, do I jot it down? Do I start making a list of my dreams once again? What am I fearful about for those dreams? Am I afraid that they will never come true? Or is it that I am fearful because of the unknown of the outcome of the dreams? Am I truly stuck in the comfort of the knowing and afraid to take a giant leap? So all this is my time of reflecting.

Yesterday morning, I finally watch the movie Avatar. It was recommended by a very close friend of mine as he knew I would truly enjoy it. He was right of course! It was really a great movie and I saw many parts of me in that movie. About being one with nature, to be grateful of the balance we can have with Earth and ourselves, in commune with one another. Which after the movie, I sat outside and heard the gentle whisper of the breeze and the sun caressing me. I felt, for the first time is quite a long time at peace. Not alone, but surrounded by nature the spirit of the living being. I think I am going to have to spend more time like this outdoors, no matter the weather condition.. well besides a tornado which rarely happens in my area! Time to grab my backpack, pencil/pen and notebook and just be one with nature. For maybe that quality time will help with my reflecting, and dreams.

Until next time, happy reflecting time!


About joannelamesse

Just a blogger who shares her thoughts, desires, and meeting like minded souls. I am one who believes in God, His word, and I am also interested in preparing, surviving as well. Love nature, and learning more on simple life
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