Well, for the past few years, a few close friends and I have been talking about survival and what is to come. From Bible studies, to just reading/hearing news event one must wonder, should we start preparing?

Many will say, no way, you are reading too much into this! Or they call you doom-sayers. Well, I for one have been as I said before thinking alot on this for several years, including praying daily for guidance.

What if there is a major disruption of power, be it from a solar storm, terrorists, over consumption etc? And we go without power not only for hours, but weeks, months? Can you survive and be self-reliant? We had an ice-storm in 1998 and had no powers in some areas for weeks, others just a few days. But let me tell you, it gave us a whole new awareness on how very dependent we are to electricity/power. Too dependent in my humble opinion. What about during Hurricanes like Katrina? What about all the major storms occurring right now in the States and globally? We need to learn skills on being self-reliant. We need to have staples in our pantry in advance for times like these. Teach our children as well.

Basic living skills. That is the key factor here. Turn off your power, or do without power use for a day. See how you would fix a meal without using power. Remember, all the things that uses power, even flushing the toilet! A good book I read was Light’s Out by David Crawford. To me, that is a must read, then we can all realize how important it is to learn basic living skills.

Join me, in this learning quest!


About joannelamesse

Just a blogger who shares her thoughts, desires, and meeting like minded souls. I am one who believes in God, His word, and I am also interested in preparing, surviving as well. Love nature, and learning more on simple life
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  1. I agree right down the line. Here in the Northwest we have a lot of survivalists who get made fun of because for years they have been preparing for the end of civilization (a funny look at this is the 80s movie “Packing it In” with Richard Benjamin, Paula Prentiss and a young Molly Ringwald), but when things do fail many of them will be the best prepared. If the power goes out, we have a well and that would mean no water, so we recycle milk jugs and use them to store water. We also have a good stock of beans and rice for emergencies. I want to stock up on seeds for veggies and such (we have good soil and plenty of rain), we’re armed (lightly, a couple of semi-autos and a couple of boxes of ammo for each) for protection, we have each other and we have God. We also have a bay full of clams and fish and 2-3 runs of salmon in the river at the foot of the hill. As long as the quakes and tsunamis don’t get us, I try to worry just enough!

    • Hello David, I’m glad to see that there are more people that are preparing and actually be able to share what they are doing. I myself is stockpiling on rice, beans, any dried goods, water as well. I live out in the country, so there is plenty of wildlife. I have been storing vegetables seeds also, and learning to identify wild plants that are medicinal as well as able to eat for nutrition in my area. As for defense, that is my next step. I will need to register to have a gun, take lessons on the use and build ammo for it is a requirement here in Canada to have your guns registered.

      • Hi Joanne. I see that you’re either an early riser or a “late-stayer”. We have to have our guns registered here in Oregon, too, although a lot of people don’t (we do). We’ve got an old army .45 caliber Colt semi-auto that’s my favorite, a .44 Magnum that kicks like a mule, and my fiance has a little .32 semi-auto that’s her carry piece (she has her concealed carry permit but I don’t, I just have a glare that usually works just fine lol!); she spent quite a few years alone after her husband passed away and felt safer having something with her. I want to get a rifle for game if things come crashing down. There’s nothing wrong with being prepared, it’s just the prudent thing to do. As you can probably tell, I believe in prophecies and they all say that things are coming down the road that aren’t going to be one bit of fun. It stinks, but what can you do? At least all the prophecies say that after 2-3 years of turmoil they’re going to get better. Personally, I’m looking forward to the Lord cooming back, because He’ll do a better job of running things than we have! Hey, I am still an optimist! Have a great day if yours is just starting. Nice hearing from you.

      • Hello David, I’m always up with the birds. Could be that I grew up on a dairy farm, and we had no choice, we had to get up before dawn to milk the cows, feed, clean etc before breakfast and heading out to school! We do have similar interests in prophecies, and the Love of our Lord, knowing soon He will be coming. I do have a facebook account where I post some links I hear or read on prophecies. We all have to be optimist, but mostly keep on sharing the good news, to help others learn about basic living skills and not to be dependent on what we have so far with all the new gadgets and technologies.

      • Hiya Joanne! I’m up mostly at night since my fiance’s job is graveyard shift for now, but it’s a major adjustment since I’ve been on an early day body-clock for the last ten years. Growing up on a dairy farm can do that, from what I hear. I wouldn’t know personally, we lived in Southern California until my sophomore year of high school lol! Dad moved us up to the wilds of Oregon because he didn’t like what he was seeing going on down there – best thing he could have done for us. I lived in Colorado, Texas and Alabama over the years, but there were always stints back here in Oregon. I’m just getting too old to be roaming, thank God! I’m on facebook too, under my real name David Finkenbinder – send me a friend request if you like. Let me know if you can’t find me. I’m always interested in links regarding prophecies and such and love the Extinction Protocol, Alvin does a great job. There are other places where I’ve researched things in the past but some of them get a little bit New Age-y, I don’t know how you feel about that but if you know what to watch out for they are pretty interesting. And I agree that it’s important that people know how to survive without electricity and such, and while I’m not much of a preacher I’m not real bashful about my beliefs. Anyway, I’m about to get long winded, I can feel it coming on – talk to you later!

      • Hmmm there is a lot with your name on FB… Here is mine Joanne Lamesse

      • You found me! Most of the people on my facebook are folks I knew in school, but there’s only a couple that I actually hear from – I probably need to clear that out someday! Glad you found me…

      • Yep, I am too! We can share our ideals with others!

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