Thoughts swirling….

Howdy All;

Last week, I just could not bring myself to post my weekly blog. Not that there was a lack of topics or subjects that I hold dear and close to my heart. Just felt it was not the right time. I’m sure many of you go through this at one point or other. Then I was not feeling well by the middle of the week, had a family emergency to take care of so the week past and no blog 😦

This morning there is one topic that is on my mind. It has been for several years now, but the subject has been creeping up more in the past few months and that is about Pre-Tribulation, Mid-Tribulation and Post-Tribulation. I have read many different aspects on this one, that brought valid scriptures. But no matter how valid and how true the points were made on each one… there is only one that I see clearly each time I pray about it: And that is this scripture: “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” – Matthew 24:36 KJV  I never accepted a date setting, I can tell the signs of times that surrounds us throughout the world we are on the verge. But one year can still mean a thousand year to God. His timeframe is not the same earthly time frame. All in all, I feel we need to focus more on being prepared both physically and spiritually, keep our faith in God, to let Him guide us, pray daily, read and meditate on His word. But not to focus on the rapture alone saying: “I don’t have to worry about the coming tribulation for I will be raptured first!” Please! What if that is your only focus and God did not attend that to happen and you are in the midst of the tribulation? Wouldn’t you rather be prepared spiritually and help others during this time instead so they to can be prepared come Judgment day? Do you think the Disciples were focussing on the rapture instead of spreading the Gospel? That is my thoughts here on this subject. I don’t want to make it sound I want another discussion or argument on this subject. In fact I am tired of that. I want us to focus instead on what Jesus called us to do instead. To be “fishers of men”

This blog is not meant to sound as preachy, nor to open a can of worms. Just take a moment to let it sink in and focus on what is more important for all. To believe, to have faith, to pray, and to love one another.

God Bless



About joannelamesse

Just a blogger who shares her thoughts, desires, and meeting like minded souls. I am one who believes in God, His word, and I am also interested in preparing, surviving as well. Love nature, and learning more on simple life
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3 Responses to Thoughts swirling….

  1. Very well said, my dear sister! The important thing is for us to be prepared spiritually in Christ so that we are ready for anything. This is actually why I wrote my other post “A Brief Note…” just before the one on Plutarch. I too get tired of all the back and forth and squabbling between parts of the Body of Christ; for some reason I felt led to write my post on the Rapture. I will apologize to you, dear friend, for grieving your spirit with what I wrote. in faith and in Christ, David

    • Oh my dear friend David, your post was just wonderful and I was in total agreement with you. The reason my blog today had nothing to do with your blog. I have been getting swamped with inbox messages in facebook with that very subject and it is getting out of control. I read and have the entire Left Behind Series which I enjoyed quite a lot, but not about the rapture part. The rest, we can see it happening for sure until Jesus’ Millennial Kingdom. Though, last month I received a book published by a friend of mine on facebook who believes the rapture happened already! During Pentecost! If that were true, then how come the gospel was still being thought for His second coming? And not go straight to Judgement day?

      • Well thank you again, my dear friend Joanne! I was pretty certain that we were of like mind on that subject, too, but while my rapture post got viewed a number of times it occasioned not a stir of commentary like I thought it would. Silly me! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been getting hit pretty hard on FB regarding that point, it’s happened to me in the past to where their urging me to change my mind was so impassioned that you’d have thought I was a raging pagan and they were trying to convert me to the Lord! I read the first two or three Left Behind books but lost interest, and then my life entered another period of turmoil…you know how it goes. I hadn’t heard the already happened theory except from a couple of very fringe groups; not only has it not happened, but if it happens first then it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out when the Lord returns based on 7 years of tribulation. Agh! We are the ones who will teach the gospel for as long as we can, even in the camps, and all that matters to me is that the Lord is returning and bringing His redemption with Him. So as always, dear friend, we are ever of a like mind. Peace and Christ’s love to you, David.

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