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Hello Everyone;

I have been busy with my workload at work, taken over another department along with my own. I get home, have supper, do dishes, and work on personal knitting projects that are ongoing. I know, stop with the whining right? Well, as I have not created a new post in a while, there has been a few topics that have been going back and forth in my mind. Now we have had a few new interesting things happening on this wonderful planet that we live on, thanks to Our Creator for that one. From close encounter of the Asteroids, earthquakes in diverse places, man on a killing spree, why? Well, there is many factors on this one. But that is not the topic of this new post today.

My post today is Creature comforts. That is what we all have. Not only the running water in our house, electricity, phone. But oh how terrible it is when the internet goes down, or satellite/cable for our favorite shows! Oh and worse>>>>> Facebook is down, has a glitch and the news feed is down! LOL We just can’t seem to function without that. But what about our forefathers? They did well and also accomplished a lot more without the Creature Comforts! I know there will be a lot of comments and naysayers about that, but my point is… how many have spent time with just the family or friends in person without this? When was the last time you actually held a book in your hands, and savor the moment of losing yourself in the book without the use of electronic device? And not only that, how much money do we spend for the so-called Creature Comforts? Have we ever took the time and figured it out?  I have. And if I would get rid of internet, satellite, I would save up to $250.00 a month!  Now that is not including the power use on these devices as well. I am just as guilty as the next person, I like my creature comforts. But now I realize that if something ever would happen, (I pray it doesn’t) that we would have an EMP Blast or something, many will not know what to do, they would be lost. I for one think I would welcome it. For it will bring friends, neighbours and family closer. Perhaps there would be less problems we see now in our society.

Now I have met some wonderful friends being online, many that are far away and feel like I have known them forever. Some even met in real life and it was worth making those new friends, as we are still friends stronger than ever even after 10 years. But, still, why spend so much time on our creature comforts and not start thinking/planning and spending time unplug for a while?

Until next time friends, this blogger is going to “unplug” and work on my knitting projects! 🙂


About joannelamesse

Just a blogger who shares her thoughts, desires, and meeting like minded souls. I am one who believes in God, His word, and I am also interested in preparing, surviving as well. Love nature, and learning more on simple life
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3 Responses to creature comforts

  1. Well done, my friend, well done! We have become so entranced with our creature comforts that it is often that we fail to see the bigger picture. That’s one of the things that I like about camping out (tent camping, the real kind) for it by nature pries us away from our technology and gets us back in tune with reality. Most of the world lacks the very comforts that we take for granted, and so they spend a considerable amount of time in trying to obtain them; when they don’t their lives still go on, and in many cases their lives are more real and centered than ours are with all of our toys. And our toys can keep us from pondering the big questions of life, such as why am I like this and what is my relation to God and Christ, and how can I be a better person.

    • Thank you my friend. I truly like what you called it our toys! I never thought of that one, but that is so very true!

      • You’re welcome! I know that the handful of creature comforts I still hold onto – my music, the Internet and my pc games – are more like toys than anything. Haha, now you know that when I gripe about this stuff I’m still gripin at myself too!

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