What is in the dark will always come to the light in due time. Brokenness is where the Lord wants His people because it is there that He can minister to them.

Do we remember the lady who touched His garment? Do we remember the lady at the well? What were the characteristics of these ladies? They were all broken, one touched the Lord’s garment, and the other was ministered too by the Lord. People are hungry and hurting, and it’s our job as believers, a royal priesthood to minister to those who are living in brokenness by meeting them with the Word of God, so that the Spirit of God can change, and minister to them for His glory. Brokenness abounds in our society, and we don’t even have to cross the street to finds its tentacles coming after us. We can see it for many of us in our friend’s lives, or in our homes. We can see it when we visit the hospitals, or even visit our local stadiums, and congregations.

The reality is that man’s words fail, but God’s Word will never fail. Every single person has to look deeply into who they are, and where they have been that they may see their own brokenness and then come to know Yeshua (Jesus) in that brokenness.

Friend are you broken today? Are you afflicted, beaten, torn, and burnt out? Let God touch you in the depths of your being today. He came down to die, by spilling His blood upon a tree, to give you new life, a life of radical passion, and radical obedience. Don’t put God into a box, and say you understand, today. Just come and worship Him by receiving His Son into your life. Let God breathe/speak/move in and through you today, for this is what He seeks after; those whom He can take from brokenness to wholeness.

Let us pray:

Heavenly Father;

We come to You today, with our brokenness. You know what it is and we seek You. We need You in our life, to heal us, to open our hearts, and to come to others that are broken and needs to hear Your love, Your word. May You guide us Lord, both in our walk, the words we will share. Continue to touch us as we need. We thank You for Your Love, Your Light, Your healing. In Jesus’ name, AMENImage


About joannelamesse

Just a blogger who shares her thoughts, desires, and meeting like minded souls. I am one who believes in God, His word, and I am also interested in preparing, surviving as well. Love nature, and learning more on simple life
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3 Responses to Brokenness

  1. Thank you so much for your uplifting and encouraging words, Joanne. I have been feeling very broken down lately and it is good to read such a well-written reminder of God’s unceasing love and compassion. You touched my heart with this one, dear sister.

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